For a different approach to labour hire and recruitment

Connecting great candidates with the right jobs across Australia

We can provide your company with semi-skilled or skilled workforce to suit each unique project.

Pandanus Group brings over 25 years experience within the Australian labour hire and employment industries.

Our expertise shapes the way our labour hire agency recruits candidates and allows us to ensure we connect you with the best people for the job. With thorough screening and a behavioural competency-based interview process, we determine a candidate’s initial suitability for your company and project. Reference checking, work capacity and fitness testing ensure each candidate is capable of completing their duties while aptitude testing, induction and ongoing screening protocols cultivate their skills. 

We are involved in the following industry sectors:

At Pandanus Group, we offer a wide range of services:

+ Pre-Employment Training

+ Labour Hire

+ Workforce Development

+ Stakeholder Engagement

+ Community Engagement

+ Indigenous Procurement Policy and Reconciliation Action Plans

We offer modern Workforce Management solutions, providing a truly end-to-end Human Resources platform. 

Utilising the latest in workforce technology for a completely paperless system, our approach  streamlines the entire labour hire process, making it easy for both employer and employee across the recruitment, assessment, engagement and payment phases of the casual employment cycle. 

The leading-edge cloud-based technology means a seamless clock-in, clock-out and approval functionality via an easy to navigate employee app. 

Not only does our approach reduce HR bottlenecks within your company, these systems also allow us to pass on up to 20% in time efficiencies.