Interested in engaging workers or the community?

We help you establish long-lasting and effective relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

We’re on a mission to promote positive socioeconomic growth.

As workforce engagement consultants, we assist your company to hire workers and negotiate contracts with businesses, providing the support and understanding you need for the best outcomes

Our comprehensive range of services help you to establish workforce solutions and career strategies for employees that benefit communities and your business equally. 

Our pre-employment training programs successfully bridge the gap between your needs as an employer and the jobseeker’s goals. These programs are tailored to suit your individual requirements as a business.

Depending on your needs, we can incorporate any number of trade specific accredited units of competency, operator tickets and licenses as required that enable you to hire  workers with the prospect of offering long-term career pathways. 

Working closely with our extensive network of partners and key stakeholders, we pass on our unique experience and knowledge to ensure that any systems and processes associated with hiring workers are highly effective.  Paired with out expert communication and negotiation skills, our distinctive approach leads to excellent outcomes for all involved. 

Community Engagement process

Clear communication building relationships and trust with ongoing 2-way feedback
Desktop research
Initial contact
and information
Communication and engagement plan
Engagement ongoing feedback and 2-way communication

Engagement Consulting

+ Stakeholder Engagement

+ Community Engagement

We understand the diversity that exists across Australia and the complexity that this creates for Government policy and delivery responsibilities. We have a proven ability to deliver innovative solutions and provide valuable expertise to meet these challenges.

For any project to be successful it needs community support. Pandanus has been on the forefront of community engagement for a number of major projects.

Our community engagement framework is focused on building relationships and we believe it is a  continuous part of all projects. 

Our experience in the area can prove instrumental to the success of a project, and we are available to provide community and stakeholder engagement management, advice and assistance at any stage of your project.