We can help your business to map the Indigenous landscape

Labour, recruitment and Indigenous engagement services to complement your unique needs.

At Pandanus Group, we specialise in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and workforce development.

With over 25 years experience within both non-government organisations (NGOs) and private industry, we have the experience and expertise to assist your organisation to deliver greater value to Indigenous Australians.

We are motivated by the strong drive to making a difference to Indigenous communities and breaking the cycle of generational welfare by establishing relationships between corporate Australia, community organisations and Traditional Owner groups . By successfully creating partnerships between key Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and corporate Australia, Pandanus Group has helped more than 4,500 Indigenous Australians to achieve meaningful employment and establish long-term career pathways across various labouring industry sectors. 

For organisations who are interested in advancing the social and economic growth of First Nations people, we offer our unique perspective to help establish indigenous procurement strategies in alignment with the Indigenous Procurement Policy and Reconciliation Action Planning.
  • Employment and workforce development, planning and implementation
  • Community engagement
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
    pre-employment course design
    and implementation
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander apprenticeship and trainee recruitment, management, coordination, and support
  • Mentoring and support services
  • Career planning and management
  • Labour hire management
  • Cross cultural training coordination
  • Indigenous policy development
  • Reconciliation action plan development
    and implementation
  • Indigenous project/program diagnostic
    and evaluation
  • Tenders (indigenous content, funding applications and brokerage)

Our Values

We care
We listen
We develop
We are family
We respect
We trust
We engage
We understand
We go above
& beyond

It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Pandanus Group’s managing director, Peter Remfrey, grew up on Wurrumiyanga on Bathurst Island in the Northern Territory. While not of Indigenous heritage himself, Peter was fluent in the Tiwi language and his upbringing instilled a passion for keeping culture strong while advocating for socioeconomic change and employment within the Indigenous landscape. His experience and knowledge shape the way our company approaches the Indigenous workforce sector, allowing us to bridge the gap between the commercial needs of a business and traditional culture.

At Pandanus Group, we understand that establishing meaningful and long-lasting careers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within corporate Australia requires both parties to have a deep understanding of each other’s way of doing things. Our workforce development strategies emphasise mentoring, training and management of Indigenous procurement programs to ensure their ongoing success. 

We marry our experience in the workforce industry with our commitment to community engagement to get our clients exceptional outcomes. For businesses seeking to establish partnerships with Traditional Owner groups, we offer our invaluable expertise and connections to influential stakeholders, both of which can be instrumental to the ongoing success of projects and have a lasting impact on broader communities.