Helping you find the right people for the job

Labour hire management and
Indigenous engagement consultants

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We align the ideal candidate to the job, bridging the gap between employers’ needs and the candidate’s goals.

Indigenous Engagement

We collaborate with proactive businesses to promote the social and economic growth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


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Whether you’re looking for skilled or unskilled labour for your next project or to specifically and holistically engage Indigenous Australians, we’re here to help.

At Pandanus Group, we connect companies with the best employees for the job while simultaneously advocating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by assisting them to secure employment within supportive organisations.

Whilst our extensive experience across the Indigenous landscape enables us to holistically engage Indigenous employees, it’s our expertise that enables us to assist business owners to successfully navigate the Indigenous landscape. 

As an employment and on-hire provider, we can assist your organisation to find the ideal candidate for the job – from skilled workers to general labourers and everything in between. With on-site support, comprehensive candidate screenings, behavioural competency-based interviews, reference checking, work capacity and fitness checks, aptitude testing and inductions – we offer a thorough and detailed service that yields exceptional results. To manage your new recruits, we utilise a state-of-the-art workforce management platform developed specifically to address the operational requirements of on-hire labour arrangements. 

As Indigenous engagement consultants, we help businesses map the Indigenous landscape, working with your organisation to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by mentoring, coordinating and supporting workers to bridge the gap between culture and commercial business. We are passionate about assisting organisations to forge long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with Traditional Owner groups, unlocking opportunities, growth and both financial and social success for all parties involved. With our assistance, develop long-term workforce and employment strategies based on cultural change, knowledge transfer and breaking the cycle of generational welfare dependency. 

Our Approach

Labour and skilled
worker matchmakers

Whether you’re looking to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people specifically or are in need of a labourer or skilled worker for a particular venture, our recruitment agency trains people for real jobs on a project by project basis. We then match the most suitable candidates to your unique needs. 

We’re all about the people

We understand that without well-trained workers who are committed to your organisation, you won’t get the results you want. We keep channels of communication open and marry the commercial needs of the business with each candidate’s expectations to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

Knowledge and understanding

In our capacity as Indigenous engagement consultants, we collaborate with your human resources team, offering you our deep understanding of culture and extensive experience in the Indigenous workforce sector. Our indigenous engagement strategies help you to successfully manage and maintain your new recruits. 

We’re big on preparation and planning

Understanding that no job is exactly the same, we tailor our employment and workforce development plans to suit each specific project. We work closely with our corporate clients and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities to design and develop highly effective recruitment and training strategies.

We join forces with industry partners

The success of a project is built on industry partnerships. Over the years, we’ve established a network of supportive key stakeholders and work together with industry peak bodies across the resources and civil infrastructure sectors, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and state and federal government representatives to achieve set targets.

Let us work with you to establish long-lasting meaningful careers within your organisation. Our highly successful workforce development programs have a strong emphasis on achieving measurable commercial outcomes and are designed around your individual business needs.